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Storytelling Sessions Introductory Price- Los Angeles and Orange County

Stand back and allow your children to write their own childhood story. It will be one full of love, discovery,

Becoming the Older Sister- Zubi’s Storytelling Session

Making the transition to having more than one child.  It’s an incredible blessing, but how do you say goodbye to

Celebrating Zoë…

My family sessions have definitely changed after having Daniela. I worry less about getting THE picture (smile everyone

Authentic Images: Mallorie’s Portrait Session {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

If you have ever tried to photograph a child, you have probably experienced one of the following reactions: a. cheese

My Song, Daniela 8 months

I feel truly blessed to have found photography. For me, it is an extension of my thoughts, my mood, my love, my mind,

Becoming Real {Whittier Lifestyle Family Photographer}

“Real isn’t how you are made,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘It’s a thing that happens to you. When a

Childhood Dreams {Seal Beach Family Photographer}

It was the way they giggled just from looking at each other. The way her fingers curled around his, playing the role of

Mother’s Day Family and Maternity Portraits {Echo Park Family Photographer}

You give me time to breath it in. Every day I encounter a new unknown. Time to trust, to rest my heart’s

Star Wars and a Boy

On a dreary LA day, children have to confine themselves to the four walls that often leads them to further their

Dreaming… Big.

Dream. Easy words to say, extremely hard to do. Children should be taught… to dream… and dream BIG. Because

Zoe’s Birthday: Celebrating Life!

Zoe. The meaning of your name…Life At one years old you love to observe, love to take in all the details. Your

Play With Me {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

Do you want to play with me? There is such deepness and honesty in those few words. When a child asks if you want to

Little Feet {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

“There are tiny little fingers pressed against my cheek, and the palm of the hand that holds all my dreams. There

Welcome to the world Isabella… {Los Angeles Newborn Photographer}

Babies have a wonderful way of slowing you down. There is a miracle in each wrinkle, each breath, each curling of a

They Will Remember… {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

I have to admit, it’s hard not to get emotional when I edit. Perhaps it’s my Priscilla Ahn Pandora station,