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Authentic Images: Mallorie’s Portrait Session {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

If you have ever tried to photograph a child, you have probably experienced one of the following reactions:

a. cheese smile! What do I get for taking this picture?

b. I don’t want to take a picture! (throwing a tantrum in 5, 4, 3, 2)

c. they run away

d. all of the above within 10 seconds

The truth is, kids don’t hate taking pictures. What they do dislike is an adult putting a big ugly camera in their face when they are trying to live life and just be!

The key to getting authentic images of children is to give them time. Time to experience, time to trust, time to discover.. to learn, to enjoy, to love.

Mallorie, thank you for letting me into your heart.

It is one that is full of joy.

I had such a lovely time photographing this little one.

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