Maternity Self Portraits 33 Weeks: Daniela


 Seven weeks to go….


I’ve had an amazing few weeks full of lots of love. Baby Showers, Babymoons, and yummy desserts. Overall, I’ve done pretty well with my pregnancy diet except for sweets. I can’t resist chocolate or cupcakes. I gave up. Don’t tell my Dr!

Most of my time is taken up by reading about labor, breastfeeding, and parenting. I’m sure most of the information will go out the window once reality hits.

Luckily, I am on summer vacation from work which gives me some time to wrap up last minute sessions and get ready for the last few weeks before Dani gets here!

It’s been fun trying to guess what she will look like, and whose personality she will have.

Curly hair is a given and so is a big smile.

From the amount of kicking she’s been doing, she will be just as fun as her Daddy.

Our “alone” time has been at 4 a.m., when she wakes me up to read, relax, or just be.

She’s ready to go back to bed about 2 hrs. later.

The next weeks will be car seats, organization, and lots of breathing practice.

I have a feeling she will not be quite ready on August 17, so there will be lots of popsicles and cool afternoon walks.

Love is overflowing.

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Christina DelyJuly 5, 2012 - 11:43 am

Incredibly beautiful!!! The last image makes me smile :)

My Dad and Shiny Shoes

I was about 8 years old.  I needed a new pair of school shoes. My mom was working that night, so it was up to my dad to take me shoe shopping. Catholic school meant my choices were pretty limited- Black, not cute, and either laced or some kind of velcro craziness. Don’t judge, it was the 80′s. I knew that going shoe shopping with my dad was my chance to get shoes that I wanted to wear. This included patent leather, some sort of rhinestone/bow clip on, and  they were probably going to be totally unsafe for school.

Purchasing anything with my dad was a process. Once, when he took me to buy my backpack (bookbag in those days) I had to try it on, walk up and down the aisle of the swapmeet, and listen to the vendor convince my dad this was the one that would last me all year. It was navy blue and looked like a boy’s backpack. So not cute. There were never any impulse buys at our house. Everything was bought “con calma.”

So there we are in the middle of Payless looking for my school shoes. It didn’t take long for me to find them. Slip on, shiny, and bow-fabulous. I tried on a few other pairs making obvious “these won’t work faces” until finally slipping into the gotta have shoes. As I walked around the entire store for the Dad test, I was extremely careful not to let him see how slippery these were. I had to curl my toes so they would stay snug and not accidentally slip off my heel, ruining my plan.

“Are you sure you can wear those to school?” This was the only question my dad asked. After lots of pleading and begging, I was the new owner of the most adorable, smooth as glass patent “leather” shoes.

The next morning could not come fast enough! They looked great with white twice folded socks. Obviously, my feet were creatively kept out of my mom’s view as I got ready for school. Flash to the next scene: Recess and kickball. When it was my turn to kick, I knew this had not been good idea. I will spare you the details, but let’s just say there was a shoe flown in the air and a bloody nose involved. My mom marched me right back to Payless that night and bought me ugly shoes with no hesitation on my part.

Thinking back on my shiny shoes, I know now that my dad wasn’t an idiot. Throughout my life he has been a man of few words, and has taught me all I needed to know through his actions and examples. He has allowed my to make many mistakes, and I’ve learned from them (and continue to learn) without judgement. This Father’s Day, I I want to thank my dad for being that silent coach throughout my life. I love you Dad. And yes, I kept the shiny shoes:)

My Mom and Dad 2012

An early Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there! Enjoy your weekend:)


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Welcome to the World Simone! {Lifekisses Photography, Temecula Newborn Photography}

Baby girl love…

What can be sweeter than a warm, yummy, sweet baby?

Adorable lips and squishy cheeks

Heavenly breaths

A perfect recipe for  motherly bliss.

Absolutely nothing like it it.

Welcome to the world Simone!

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Christina DelyMay 29, 2012 - 2:08 pm

And this is why I send all of my newborn shoot inquiries to you! You are so so SO amazing with babies! I just know you are going to be a natural mother! XO